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How much does it cost to get my puppy's shots ?

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My doxie has had a lipoma for the past 4 years and now it's shrinking, will it go away?

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How deadly is carpet granules to a dog after you vacuum it up.?

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What can I clean my carpets with if I'm worried my dog has worms?

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how long does my dog have to be walked on a leash after spay and tumor removal?

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Is a 6 week old puppy too young to be outside and around people?

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What is the best food for puppies?

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how to make a new dog like you?

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How much does it cost to take a pet to the vet?

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What shots does my puppy need?

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Is it normal, right after my dog has Cherry eye surgery, for it to be swollen and pussy?

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Is it harmful to my 1 yr. old beagle mix puppy to chew on an old leather shoe?

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How can I get my rescue dog to stop pooping in the house?

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What are the symptoms of a dog who may have anal gland problems or worms?

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What are other causes of canine staph infections due to a skin rash other than allergic reactions?

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How quickly does cherry eye in dogs form/take to become noticeable?

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What do I need to get my dog into Canada?

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Whats the normal price to board an animal over the holidays (per day) if they weight about 70lbs?

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Why is my dog chewing on her skin and the bed sheets?

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What should I keep in mind when introducing a puppy to our 3 year old dog?

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