Why do people say that chocolate and grapes are bad for dogs?

My dogs eat chocolate quite a bit and we give them a grape here and there. And I've never even HEARD of a story of a dog getting sick/killed by chocolate or grapes!

    Why do people say that chocolate and grapes are bad for dogs?

    My dogs eat chocolate quite a bit and we give them a grape here and there. And I've never even HEARD of a story of a dog getting sick/killed by chocolate or grapes!...
    General Dog Discussions : Why do people say that chocolate and grapes are bad for dogs?...

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    • Why do people say that chocolate and grapes are bad for dogs?

      Why do people say that chocolate and grapes are bad for dogs? General Dog Discussions
      My dogs eat chocolate quite a bit and we give them a grape here and there. And I've never even HEARD of a story of a dog getting sick/killed by chocolate or grapes!

      Why do people say that chocolate and grapes are bad for dogs?

      Why do people say that chocolate and grapes are bad for dogs? General Dog Discussions
    • Your dog has been lucky.Chocolate and grapes (and raisins) can be deadly to dogs. They are toxic- just as alcohol is to humans if consumed in the wrong amounts. Why would you risk your dog?

    • Well here let me give you one. A schnauzer was once brought into the vet after eating an entire package of hershey's chocolate. It caused a serious pancreatic attack and the dog died. Grapes have been proven to cause acute renal failure in many dogs. Google it. Not all dogs are affected the same. Some dogs do fine then one day get very sick. Why in the world would you take the chance with your dog's health. You say that you have NEVER heard of a story of a dog getting sick by these things, yet you also ask why people say that. That says that you HAVE heard of it making them sick or you would not be asking this question would you not? I think it's animal abuse for you to be aware there is an issue with these items and still keep feeding it to your dogs just to prove some kind of point, that's pointless.Feed your dogs DOG food. They are dogs after all. Do you eat their food? Why are they eating yours?

    • Items to avoid Reasons to avoidAlcoholic beverages Can cause intoxication, coma, and death.Baby food Can contain onion powder, which can be toxic to dogs. (Please see onion below.) Can also result in nutritional deficiencies, if fed in large amounts.Bones from fish, poultry, or other meat sources Can cause obstruction or laceration of the digestive system.Cat food Generally too high in protein and fats.Chocolate, coffee, tea, and other caffeine Contain caffeine, theobromine, or theophylline, which can be toxic and affect the heart and nervous systems.Citrus oil extracts Can cause vomiting.Fat trimmings Can cause pancreatitis.Grapes and raisins Contain an unknown toxin, which can damage the kidneys. There have been no problems associated with grape seed extract.For the rest of the bad foods for dogs and why go here: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+2114&aid=157

    • It depends on the dog - some can tolerate chocolate and grapes, others can't. I know of a couple of people who had to rush their dog into the vet for chocolate poisoning. One dog died from it.Chocolate contains theobromine, which is a poison to dogs. Some types of chocolates have more than others - hence why one may affect a dog and one may not.Grapes contain unknown toxins which can do damage to the kidneys.Your dog may be okay now, but continual feeding of such foods can cause long term damage that MAY not even be apparent until later in life.

    • Just because you haven't doesn't mean it doesn't happen and that it won't happen.Stop with the grapes and the chocolate. http://www.apogeevideo.com/index.php/Dr.-Kevin-s-Advice/Theobromine comes from the plant Theobroma cocoa and is present in chocolate, cocoa beans, cocoa bean hulls, cola and tea.Milk chocolate is obtained from seeds of theobroma cacao after fermentation and roasting. Milk chocolate has about 44 mg/ounce of theobromine; a 4.5 oz. milk chocolate bar has about 240 mgs. of theobromine. Unsweetened baking chocolate has even more -- about 390 to 450 mgs of theobromine per ounce.Relative theobromine content per ounce for various products is:Milk chocolate: 44 - 60 mgs/ounceUnsweetened baking chocolate: 450 mg/ozCacao meal: 300 - 900 mg/ozCacao beans: 300 - 1200 mg/ozHot chocolate: 13 mg/ozThe lethal dosage of theobromine in dogs is between 250 and 500 mgs/kg, or about 2/3 to 1 1/3 of baking chocolate for every 2.2 pounds of body weight. However, serious non-fatal poisonings have been reported in dogs after eating smaller amounts.At our practice, a 20-pound dachshund showed serious signs of poisoning after eating 3/4 of a pound of milk chocolate and another 22-pound dog died after eating two pounds of baking chocolate.Deaths due to theobromine have been documented in horses who ate cocoa bean hulls used in bedding and in other livestock fed cocoa waste products. No chocolate poisonings have been reported in cats, which is probably a reflection of their eating habits.The the first signs of chocolate poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea, increased urination and nausea. These can progress to cardiac arrhythmias and seizures. There is no exact amount or even type of grapes that are linked to dog deaths so rather than continuing to tempt fate KNOCK IT OFF.

    • Then you have not been listening or reading........as few as 7 grapes can kill a dog and dark high % cocoa content chocolate is poisonious.......not a nice deathhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grape_and_raisin_toxicity_in_dogshttp://www.tipking.co.uk/tip/6640.htmlhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1034677/Massive-increase-dogs-poisoned-chocolate-grapes--fed-owners.htmlhttp://www.vetrica.com/care/dog/chocolate.shtml

    • Because they ARE toxic for dogs. The fact that you´ve never heard about a dog getting sick / killed by it doesn´t mean that it does not happen. I mean how many stories have you heard lately of someone gotten sick / killed by lets say Arsenic? Would you eat it just no one you know got ever sick by it? I doubt it...

    • In a nutshell because they are!Ok in tiny amounts taken by accident they will not be effected but if people feed them regulaly and in higher quantities the toxins will build up! Why would you feed a dog chocolate anyway - hardly a natural dient!http://www.dog-food-corner.com/toxic-dog-food.htm

    • Chocolate can kill. My co-worker's lab got into some chocolate a couple months back, and had to be on an IV for 2 days. She almost died. The theobromine in chocolate is toxic to dogs. So stop giving your dogs chocolate! Just because you've been lucky so far doesn't mean you should keep giving it to them- the effects can be cumulative, and one day your dogs won't be so lucky. As far as grapes, as few as 7 have been shown to cause kidney failure. They don't know why this happens, or what component in the grapes causes the problem. But again, why the heck would you risk your pet's well-being by giving them things that are known to KILL. http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/raisins.asp

    • They are both toxic! However, it depends on the size or your dog and the amount that they eat.Chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea and eventually seizures and death due to some very complex mechanisms. Dark chocolates are more toxic than milk chocolates because they have more cacao. Grapes (and raisins) cause kidney failure if enough are consumed. A grape here and there will likely not cause a problem, but it's not really something to mess around with since it can cause BIG problems.I've worked in the veterinary field for many years and seen many cases of both toxicities. There are so many yummy, safe doggy treats that it's not worth the risk!

    • Chocolate contains theobromine which is very harmful to dogs, its effects are similar to those of caffeine and the 'boost' it gives is like a high and is likely to affect the heart, kidneys or central nervous system because dogs metabolise it VERY slowly.Grapes are similar in the way that they contain toxins harmful to dogs which also affect the kidneys and the liver.Most people say this because what alot of people dont seem to realise it that dogs do not metabolise food in the way that humans do, humans can eat chocolate and metabolise it quickly, dogs cannot, do not feed your dog any chocolate, grapes, raisins or onions etc, that is why dog food is made specifically for dogs!

    • Fool! Ask your vet and he/she will tell you that chocolate is bad for a dog as well as grapes. If you don't know this important information, they should take your dogs away!

    • The major chemical compound in Cacao beans is VERY TOXIC to dogs. In all likelihood you are feeding your dog milk chocolate- it has the least amount of cocoa content. Dark and bittersweet chocolate has 3-6x time more toxic compounds and can be lethal after one ingestion. The continued feeding of chocolate can be lethal- it is cumulative in their systems since they are unable to process the toxins and they are stored in their bodies. You may face liver and kidney failure in your pet if you continue to feed them chocolate. My cousin's dog spent 6 days at the vet with pancreatitis and a list of other issues- all attributed to her letting her lick out the rest of the chocolate pudding in the snack cups a few times a week over the course of 6-7 months. There is a reason vets warn of feeding your dogs certain items- if you choose to ignore them or not believe the consequences are severe enough, then you need to be prepared for hefty vet bills or the unfortunate and early death of your dogs.

    • yes, dogs can die from eating chocolate, i see it in my Practice. there is a toxin in the coca bean called theobromine it attacks the dogs organs such as the heart and kidneys. What decides the fate of the animal is the animals sensitivity itself. It is also dependent on what kind of candy the animal consumes as each different kind of chocolate has a different amount of the dangerous ingredient theobromine. And there is plenty of scientific research done on this matter. The safest bet is to make sure your animal does not ingest chocolate for any reason no matter if they have done so in the past and had no ill effects. Risking your animals health is not worth trying to see if they are able to consume chocolate. As for gapes, there is no sound evidence why grapes and raisin's can have an adverse effect on dogs but as above why risk it to prove a pointless argument

    • IT IS TOXIC TO THEM, in your manuals and papers that come with your dog it tell's you DON'T FEED YOUR DOG; grapes, Chocolate, mushrooms, tomatoes. Well sometimes when a dog nibbles it by accident they are lucky, depending on the weight etc. But there is always a risk so never give your dog any of these foods!!!

    • HelloJust read this short article. I think it will answer your question.www.worldofdogs.biz/article.aspx?id=2"Symptoms appear within 24 hours after eating chocolate, as a rule, after 4 hours. Most of them are vomiting (often with blood), abdominal pain, increased thirst and urination, excitement, arrhythmia, excessive salivation and plod..."