How can I put my dog on a diet?

    • How can I put my dog on a diet?

      How can I put my dog on a diet? General Dog Discussions
      My 4 year old Dachshund is overweight and I want to put him on a diet. What good dog foods can i feed him and what else can i do to help him?

      How can I put my dog on a diet?

      How can I put my dog on a diet? General Dog Discussions
    • Feed the same food you have been feeding him. Just feed him less of it. And cut back (or eliminate) treats. And take him out for walks. Not too long at first - he needs to build up his endurance.

    • As long as you are feeding him a high quality dog food, all you have to do is reduce his portions. If you don't measure out his meals and feed him at scheduled times, you need to start. Feeding twice a day is best, morning and evening. Eliminate all treats and scraps. Of course, exercise.Go to, and use the index to find what kind of food you are currently feeding, and see if it is really any good. If not, look through the reviews to find a better brand. You should be feeding a 3 star or higher.

    • First you need to have him tested by the vet to rule out medical issues like a thyroid condition. Then buy a high quality food like Innova, Merrick, Wellness or Fromm Four Star. Don't fall the the low fat diet gimmicks, they just have added carbs. Feed only the amount suggested for your dog's ideal weight. Split this amount between two meals. No human food and only one or two treats a day.

    • you can increase his walk, like 3 times a day for atleast 15 minsand also, Wellness has a diet food called wellness healthy weightits natural so no by product or corn and not crazy expensice and this website always offers coupons n wut notgo to the link and check it out, good luck!

    • I had to put my lab on a diet too. But actually, I found I was feeding him a lot of treats, although, I hadn't thought I was ~ one day, I counted all the 'tiny' treats I fed him and I was Amazed! When I put him on the diet I felt a bit bad therefore compensated by giving him a 'couple' more *which turned out to be Many treats.Anyway, I started feeding him a better food, which also means you don't have to feed as much. Plenty of walks and he is down 10 pounds !!

    • My dog food bag tells me that my 2 small dogs eat 1 3/4 cup of food and my border collie gets 4-5cups depending on how active he is. I just follow the guidelines on the bag of food and my dogs are not over weight.

    • You have two options1. Feed him less of his current food and eliminate treats and take him out for exercise more often. So it say 1-2 cups a day=if you feeding him 2 cups, cut back to 1 cup. If it say 1/2-1 cup=Then feed him a 1/2 per day.2. Change to a Weight Management formulation of dog food and eliminate treats and take him out for exercise more often

    • Stick to the same food. check how much he should be feed per serving will tell you on the back /side of tin or packet.Then remove about a handful which is about 2 ounces of the recommend amount to feed. Feed him either 2ce a day..splitting this food in 2 . Or once a day depending on what is best for you and your dog.No more snacksNo more treatsNo more table scrapsTake him on his walks 2ce a day for an hour. 45 mins walk 15 mins play each time.Always using weighing scales. Do not guess the food portion size.

    • Has your vet stated he is overweight? Don't do anything until you know for sure.As for what to do if he is, no need to change food, just give him 1/4 less than what his guideline daily amount is (which should be on the back of each food label). Keep all treats healthy (raw baby carrots, green beans, thumbnail size pieces of fatless chicken breast all make healthy treats) and make sure you take them out of his daily food allowance. Make him earn his treats by exerting himself ie. hide them round the room and make him find them.Exercise him daily. Throw a ball for him. He will need an hour long walk a day - you can split this intwo two or three if you need to.Make sure all members of your household are aware of the situation and make sure they (and you!) don't give into the cute puppy eye look he will surely give you when he sees you reaching for the bacon. Gving into those looks WILL NOT help him in the long run. You have to be cruel to be kind.Good luck, and do remember to see your vet first before you put him on diet.ADD: Thought I'd better explain. The reason you need to see your vet first is to rule out any other underlying conditions that might be causing his weight gain. You might do him more harm that good if you put him on a diet if the cause of his weight-gain is not food related. It could, for example, be a thyroid issue.

    • Go to Over 90% of dogs lose weight on slentrol. With diet and exercise alone that figure is only about 7%. Your vet can help your dog get started on slentrol. Because your dog is small, the actual monthly cost of the slentrol will probably be less than putting your dog on a special diet.

    • purina fit and trim is the one i feed to my dog-she has perfect weight and great skin and coat. i give her 1/2 a cup of unsalted green beans for a treat-i heat them up a little. she likes them-my vet recommended that once when my dog gained a little weight.

    • Help him feel satisfied by adding low-calorie, high-fiber foods to his bowl. These can include fresh steamed green beans, low-sodium canned green beans, and plain canned pumpkin. Your dog will still feel as if he's getting a lot of food; he just won't be taking in as many calories.Here's more info.

    • Best to check with your vet first to make sure there are no other problems. Just like humans, increase his exercise and cut back on the snacks. Ask your vet about the green bean diet. I know a couple of people who did this. It adds fiber without fat.Good luck