guard/friendly dog?

What I want is a friendly family suitable dog, but at the same time a dog big and tough enough to take down an intrueder/burgular. I want a dog that is smart and loyal to an owner too. What should I get? I was leaning toward a German Sheperd. Is it…

    guard/friendly dog?

    What I want is a friendly family suitable dog, but at the same time a dog big and tough enough to take down an intrueder/burgular. I want a dog that is smart and loyal to an owner too. What should I get? I was leaning toward a German Sheperd. Is it…...
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    • guard/friendly dog?

      guard/friendly dog? Dog Breed Discussions
      What I want is a friendly family suitable dog, but at the same time a dog big and tough enough to take down an intrueder/burgular. I want a dog that is smart and loyal to an owner too. What should I get? I was leaning toward a German Sheperd. Is it possible to have a guard/family dog, or are they on the opposite side of the spectrum? thanks!

      guard/friendly dog?

      guard/friendly dog? Dog Breed Discussions
    • BOXERS!!!!! They are known to be one the best breeds to have with children of all ages!! They are also very protective and have been used for numerous years as Police Dogs, security dogs, etc. If you do your homework and go to a respectable breeder, you won't have problems. (that goes for any breed). My boxers have NEVER had a huge vet bill or hip issues or anything else wrong with them. Another plus is low maintenance on grooming and not much shedding.

    • Yes, I would deff. go with a german shepard if you need a guard dog, they are great guard dogs, friendly, and they listen!! That is the best thing about my german shepard.

    • Most dogs will be protective of their family, but relying on a dog that has not been professionally trained to take down an intruder is a mistake. Having a dog in the house that will alert to a burglar (barking if people enter their territory) tends to be a deterent, but unless you plan on spending a significant amount of money on a trained security dog, it is unlikely that the dog will do anything appropriate to protect your house.Your best bet is to get a German Shepherd, or Belgian with a stable temperment that will be a good family pet. The dog will bark if they percieve a threat to their family and alert you to danger, and tend to look threatening enough to scare off most potential intruders.

    • German Shepherds are very good family dogs and also known for being intimidating so even if your dog turns out to not be aggresive, most people associate them with police attack dogs so they probably wont bother it. A breed I have had experience with are bloodhounds. They are very loyal to their family, good with children but also big and loud. Plus many of them are naturally aggresive, not to mention they also are used in police work. As for people being intimidated by them, maybe not so much because even though they are big and hav a loud bay, most people think of them as lazy porch dogs...but trust me...they will have another thing coming. Rottweilers also.

    • i have a german shepard/doberman pincher mix and she is the best watch dog ever. to tell you the truth, any dog is a good guard dog and is friendly as long as you raise them around people and don't abuse them ( not saying that you would )..hope this helps you..p.s. my husband and i have 6 dogs and the smaller ones protect the house more. the big ones get lazy over time due to their muscles huring (i.e. arthritis, cramping over there weight, etc.)

    • I have found that the best guard dog with a friendly disposition towards the family is a female rottweiler. Female only, though! I have had experience breeding these dogs and the females are territorial about their "pack", so they protect well, and they are nurturing towards the family. Raise them right and you won't actually have to train them at all. If they learn to love and respect the family, they will protect it with their life. I love these dogs!

    • Sheperds are great, although I had a female that was a little too agressive..I have had Border Collies and they are very loyal...protective and aren't aggressive enough to just "take down an intruder"..but will definately let you know when someone is about. You could check out boxers also..they are wonderful also..Good Luck

    • DO NOT GET BOXERS!! They have active digestive systems (fart all the time) and they also have VERY high rates of hip dysplasia and ACL tears, putting them in the vet's office for $2000 surgeries by the time they're 2 years old.The best bet would be a mutt, actually. They are more loyal, smarter and healthier than purebreds. Look for one that's a shepherd mix. My parents have 2 shepherd mix dogs and they are incredibly smart, loyal and protective, yet great with kids, even a 3-month old baby.

    • I have two German Sheperds, and they are great family dogs. I love mine, they are great. With mine, if they do not know the person, and if they sense we are not acting friendly towards them, they'll bark at them. They have never bitten someone, but I am not doubting if someone breaks into our house that they won't, but I know they wouldn't hurt their owner.I don't know if that helps, but in my opinion, German Sheperds are great family and guard dogs.

    • Well I think a German Shepherd is a good choice for what you have in mind, but I have to say that most any dog will be your guardian instinctually as long as they are treated as part of the family. I dont agree with training a dog solely to guard property as I see no real reason and in most cases these dogs become aggressively out of control and take firm training and can be dangerous even still. A trained police dog can be a family dog but they have a far higher tendency to bite unprovoked because of their trained aggression... recently a police dog bit a child while visiting a school, this was a family dog (the officers family) but had been trained to attack and be aggressive and guard. I believe that any dog is a guard dog as long as you are the dogs family, packmates and you treat the dog well. I know that without any training at all my dogs would defend me from any intruder, they guard me and this house because we are all family and this is their territory as much as it is mine. A family dog, who really is part of the family will give its life to protect their family pack naturally instinctively with no need to be taught to do so...

    • I have an American Pitbull Terrier. I know they have a bad name but if you train them and spend time with them and get them from a good breeder, they are great family dogs. I love my dog and he's 1 1/2 and I've never had a problem with him. We got him from a good breeder and he still visits his mom and dad often. Pitbulls are very loyal and I already know that if anything was to happen to either my boyfriend or I, my dog will not hesitate to step in, but when we're in public or at the pet store, he's a goof ball and loves everyone. I think any dog will be a good family dog if u raise it and train it right.And i dont know if u knew this or not, but when u have a "dangerous dog" (doberman, german shepard, pitbull, rottweiler, etc. ) you're home insurance will be ALOT!! -I hope that helped, I dont know that much about the other breeds but i know alot about pitbulls so if you have any questions regarding them, feel free to message me. Good Luck with whatever choice you choose. :)

    • A Sheppard is a great dog, I think you should have a pet that loves you and it will instinctively protect its territory regardless if its a Yorkie , Doberman or Shepperd.A Chow is a one owner loyalist and I noticed you said"an" owner.I have had all the above and say if its a guard dog you want get a chow if a family dog ,all of the others are wonderful buddies and all brave.

    • we have a Brittany spaniel and she is a really friendly dog!! she guards too!! she knows how to dance,shake,speak,roll over,lay down on her bed when we tell her to, stay, & come. i think thats it... i would get a brittany spaniel if i were you.. trust me she is a really good dog!!! one of the top most obedient!!! and friendly! she loves people too

    • All dogs that are of German Shepard, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are good family dogs and good watch dogs. Pit Bulls get a bad name because of how tough they are, and how their stupid owners raise them. They are nice sweet loving pets that have been misused by very stupid people. Most owner's are uneducated and have no job and they choose to spend their time training a dog so they can be entertained.

    • German Sheperds account for the majority of dog bites right now.they make good guard dogs OR good family dogs not both.most mastiff breeds make good family dogs and they are big enough to scare most people away and if treated right they make good guard dogs they don't need as much room as most people think but as with all dogs they need exercise and training

    • GSD's= overbred, inconsistent bloodlines, temperment and health problems, alot of upkeep, Belgian Malinois/Dobermans= hyper high energy require alot of space to run,high upkeep Boxers=overbred, not "natural" protection oriented, English mastiff, Mastiff, Neapolitan, Irish Wolfhound= health problems, high food bills, expensive to acquire, weather sensitive, they don't do well with extremes in heat/cold, PitBulls/Amstaff/Rotties=OVERBRED, temperment issues, and issues with getting or keeping homeowners insurance, some neighborhood associations and municipalities won't even allow them. So whats left for family? I would go with one of the following Bullmastiff, Cane Corso, South African Boerboel, Anatolian Shepherds,and Shiloh Shepherds. These are all hardy breeds not that popular or well known in the US so none of the overbreeding/watering down of character/temperment, natural guardians, not just barkers, overly loyal, love their family but wary of strangers, bright, medium range of activity, trainable, imposing to strangers, low maintenance. Give them a look. www, and the individual breed associations can give you breeders and breed info. Just research. Don't get me wrong the other breeds mentioned are good breeds but what you are looking for they don't fit or at the least you could have issues down the road. Keep in mind, temperment?>even and stable, up keep>feeding can cost a small fortune, facilities?> how much exercise do they need and have you got the space needed?, Are they overly prone to health issues ? ie., hip displaysia, intestinal, eye, etc... If you were an agency I would lean towards a Malinois, Tervuren, Beauceron, or GSD from overseas and months of training. But for what you are looking for or any other family I stick with the ones mentioned previously. Big but not too big, sweet but imposing and capable, hardy, and even tempered.