Dogs Training Discussions

Dogs Training Discussions


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How do you train puppies from barking at every little thing?

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How to train your dog to stop biting other dogs?

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How to introduce a dog to a house/family?

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how can i discipline my puppy?

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How do I handle a new puppy who requires constant attention?

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how do i get over a fear of dogs after being bitten and chased as a child..i am 28 now and it still prevails.?

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Why does my dog tremble when our toaster oven is on?

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Is neutering the question to my dog's behaviour problems?

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What can I give my dogs to help them sleep?

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im starting a dog training class on monday, are there anyone here who knows what my starting pay would be?

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What is the best breed of dog for a child of 2-3 years?

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How do I make my new dog stop messing in the house when I leave?

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How do I potty train an older puppy that grew up outside?

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How do I get my dog really confident on a Flyball box?

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My dog isnt good with strangers, how can i help?

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How do i teach my dog to clean up his toys after he plays with them?

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How to train a pekingese dog?

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How can I keep my dog inside a fenced in area?

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My puppy, ten wks old, knows where here 'wee' area is but keeps doing little piddles?

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Will a ferret get along with a dog and a cat?

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