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info and photos of pit bulls

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husky pregnabt with singlton

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How do i train my pitbull puppy to be gently with my yorkie?

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how many times a day should i feed my 9 month old pitbull?

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3 Dani Renae

How can I get my pitbull puppy to listen to me?

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- RIP Bully Butt

Should I get a pitbull or Chihuahua? Which is more friendly and overall better dog?

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Where to get a pitbull puppy in Michigan?

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How to tell if my pitbull is purebred?

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What color pitbull dog is usually the smallest?

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How long does pitbull nipples hang after they give birth?

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How much should I sell my pitbull for?

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Does anyone know where i can get a blue pitbull puppy for a good price?

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Nekkid Bootie 1271

what do you know about pitbull puppies getting along with other dogs?

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How many types of Pitbull dogs are there?

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what is the law for owning a pitbull inside the city limits of okc?

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Dr Med Vet Kitty

How to stop my pitbull from nipping other dogs?

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What to colors of pitbull can get you a all white pitbull pup?

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How can I be sure my pitbull puppies are going to a good home?

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another dog came on my property and my pitbull killed it. Can I get in trouble?

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How long can a pitbull puppy and a chihuahua mix puppy stay in the same crate?

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